My Wife Adopted A Blind Cat That Was Rescued From The Streets Of Wrexham And This Is How Her Life Looks Now

Meet Gertrude, a cat rescued by Wrexham Cats Protection and later adopted by my wife Lisa

Gertrude’s eyes were so badly damaged that they both had to be removed before she came to live with us

The first year, we spent as much time as possible with her in the room she refused to leave.
We tried to keep things as quiet as possible for her so she wouldn’t be startled by sudden noises and avoid moving things around.

She now moves around the house, but still occasionally bumps into things, especially when feeling stressed
She likes to lie on top of us and rub her face against us as it seems to help her relax

We try to give her toys to keep her from getting bored, but she usually prefers other types of activities.
Gertrude loves going out and we take her out with a harness so she can explore

Sometimes, during her walks, she meets other cats, like her friend Melchett
Surprisingly, she seems to enjoy it the most when there’s a lot of noise, like the dog next door barking and people using power tools nearby.

Gertrude loves to listen to all the noises in the garden and hunt some insects
We try to let her know she’s safe now by teasing her whenever she wants, but it’s a long, slow process to help her feel relaxed.
The only advice I can offer anyone with a cat with similar issues is to have lots of patience.
Gertrude can be very demanding but is very affectionate in return, which is surprising considering how she’s been treated by humans in the past.

She is now living the best life we can give her, and hopefully she is happy with us.

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