Paralyzed Kitten Couldn’t Contain His Zooms After Getting A Wheelchair

In 2016, a video of Mac ‘n’ Cheez, a tiny kitten with paralyzed hind legs, using a tiny “wheelchair” to test his full zoom potential went viral. Since then, the beautiful red cat has learned to move on two legs, with or without a harness or wheels.

Mac was found hiding in an abandoned macaroni and cheese box and brought to Massapequa Vet in Long Island, New York, where it was determined that his hind legs were paralyzed due to nerve damage. His first taste of stardom soon followed, when the clinic uploaded videos and photos of him doing hydrotherapy and trying out a custom Lego wheeled harness.

The little kitten was rescued from the streets in 2016

Wheels for cats and dogs with disabilities aren’t new, but most pets don’t use them indoors because it’s not possible to maneuver in confined spaces, sit or lie down while using them. Cat wheelchairs are an option for taking a disabled pet for walks, as are owner-assisted slings, especially for pets that have limited use of their hind legs and can stand on them to some degree. Mac, now almost 4, sometimes puts his back feet under him and stands up, but has little control over them and is more reliable at scooting around using his front paws, which seem strong enough to climb over furniture. Due to the position of its hind legs, it also has an almost human-like resting position.

The resourceful ginger cat has very strong front legs

Caring for a cat with hind leg paralysis comes with a number of challenges. Scootering around the house can cause injury or wear and tear to the legs and hips, so for safe scootering some owners put a specialized piece of clothing called a drag bag or scooter bag on their pet. Depending on how much sensation and control they have over their lower body, incontinence is also a common problem, with some paraplegic pets wearing diapers, or the opposite problem in which they need to be stimulated to defecate several times. times a Day.

Caring for a paraplegic cat requires a dedicated owner

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